Rose | Kenya

Generation stood with me

“Soon after I joined Generation, the worst happened – I lost my mother, the pillar of our family. I felt all hope was lost. But the Generation family stood with me and helped me restore hope. I will forever be grateful.”

New skills for work

“I am very grateful to Generation for teaching me stress management. I am now able to handle very high pressure at work and still remain calm and pleasant. I also learned persistence – not giving up, and staying focused on my goals.”

Teach a woman to fish

“Before joining Generation, I sold fish at my aunt’s stall in Kangemi Market. Selling insurance is different – but thanks to Generation, I’ve had a lot of success. With one client, I’ve sold policies worth millions of shillings. That’s a big fish!”

Changing young people’s lives

“Generation has changed my life, and helped me support and educate my three younger siblings. I would like to be a Generation ambassador in the community, to help many other youth change their lives as well. I have a society to enlighten!”