New, free COVID-19 course for nursing home healthcare professionals launches in France

FEHAP and Generation have co-created a training on hygiene and care for healthcare professionals working with nursing homes residents affected or suspected of being affected by COVID-19.

This 5-hour training course has three modules on hygiene, communication, and stress management, and aims to help health care staff in managing this unprecedented health crisis.

A 5-hour training course available on the FUN-MOOC platform

This free training is for healthcare personnel working or likely to work in nursing homes, with residents who have or are suspected of having COVID-19. The course was created in partnership with a coalition of medical experts (hygienists, psychologists, and geriatricians).
The course’s three modules offer practical support in the areas of:

  • Hygiene in the room: standard and complementary precautions, medical waste management, secure visits;
  • The improvement of the resident’s living and end-of-life conditions: trauma management, communication with the resident and his/her loved ones, end-of-life management in times of health crisis, gathering the resident’s wishes;
  • Caregiver stress management: symptoms of stress and fatigue, care and stress management strategies.

The course is open for registration on the FUN-MOOC platform and will be available as of July 13. Registration is free and accessible to all, although the training is aimed at nursing home healthcare professionals (care assistants, nurses, doctors, psychologists, etc.). Each course module includes written content, explanatory videos (interviews and demonstrations by medical experts working in nursing homes), and a series of assessments to validate of acquired knowledge, as well as a certificate of completion.

A coalition of expert partners

The aim of this partnership is to make educational, expert and tailor-made content accessible to care personnel who continue to go through a particularly critical and frightening period. FEHAP has enabled the relationship with the medical experts and ensures the delivery of the training, working with ISEFORM Santé (under agreement with the University of Lille). Generation France created the online learning experience with the coalition, showcasing the content from medical experts. The videos were filmed at the nursing homes La Maison Ferrari de l’Ordre de Malte, by Minidoc, which also handled post-production.

The coalition seeks to reach the widest possible audience of medical professionals while participating in a public and global effort to respond to this health crisis which is why the training is hosted on the FUN-MOOC platform.

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